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3D Scanning Workshops

ScanLAB Projects, 2012/13

Members of the public were invited to learn about 3D scanning technology, using it to explore Kielder Castle and the Observatory

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ScanLAB educated ran a series of day workshops in autumn 2012 and late winter 2013 to enable members of the public to learn how to use the scanning equipment for architectural purposes, then to creatively experiment with thetechnology.

The first workshops investigated the Castle and it's external form, with the group relocating to the Obstervatory in the afternoon where they scanned both the interior and exterior, gradually building up a three dimensional image covering most of the structure.

For the second workshop the setting was a derelict series of rooms within the castle. ALthough laser scanning equipment usually requires a static scene to capture its most accurate images and readings, over the course of the day, participants were encouraged to develop their thoughts and changed the initially static scenes to become more like tableaux that included people both posing and also moving through the spaces as the scanning was taking place.

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