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Scanning Falstone Show

ScanLAB Projects, 24 August 2013

A project to 'capture' Falstone Border Shepherds Show using 3D laser scanning technology

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Falstone Border Shepherds Show has been running in the North Tyne valley for over 100 years and this year architects ScanLAB have used state of the art 3D laser scanning technology to capture this unique event in all its  rural glory. An update on the previous century's paintings of rural life and the livestock that characterised it, this project gathers 3D information on the participants, visitors, animals and activities that make up the show, all within the context of the site with its marquees other attractions and surroundings.

For full information and imagery please visit Scanning Falstone Show website here


While at Kielder, ScanLAB were also able to capture a group of working forestry vehicles at a harvesting site deep within Kielder Forest. 



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